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In front of the mirror with a net

hoping to catch something.

6 January
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Hello and welcome to the graphics journal of eikon25! Here you'll find an ever-growing stash of simple stock icons, as well as occasional banners and other miscellaneous graphics. Looking for something particular? Check the icon directory to search stock and text icons by category or jump directly to any of my PB icons, sorted by tag. If you have any questions or would like to affiliate, just drop me a comment somewhere. Enjoy the graphics!


For the sake of my sanity and to keep things running smoothly, please abide by a few simple rules on this journal:

•Please comment if/when you decide to use any of my graphics. This not only makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but also helps me figure out what graphics people like and what subjects and styles I should make more of.

•Please credit me (eikon25), if/when you decide to use any of my graphics. That way, anyone who happens to see and like an icon can easily find out where it came from and explore the journal for themselves.

•Please don't hotlink. Stealing bandwidth is bad, bad, bad. Kindly save all graphics you use to your own computer.

•Please be polite to each other. This one should be self-explanatory.

•All requests should be made at the request post.

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Profile and layout codes courtesy of milou_veronica.